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Migdal Law Group LLP
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Our Mission:

Our Mission is to produce results in a manner that will be most beneficial to the client.  Migdal Law Group is dedicated to meeting each client’s individual needs.  To collect what is rightfully theirs, we understand that each client may require different strategies.  Some clients would like to take a fast track litigation approach to the collection process and others a more passive, yet effective approach.  No matter what method our clients prefer, we are sure to give frequent updates throughout the collection process and develop strategies with clients to obtain the most efficient and cost effective results.

About Us:

Migdal Law Group, LLP is well equipped to handle all creditor issues, including but not limited to, consumer debt collection, commercial collections, as well as judgment enforcement. Our firm is also prepared to handle all stages of collections matters, ranging from pre-suit collections through the litigation process including suit, judgment and execution.  Our team of attorneys is prepared to handle litigation in every county in Illinois.

Our firm uses state of the art software to provide detailed debtor profiles, including the debtor’s location and a summary of the debtor’s assets. We take pride in being responsible for our own skip tracing. Our staffs’ diligence and persistency in skip tracing each file helps to ensure the result our clients wish to achieve.
Due to the fact that we perform all background checks in house, we are able to produce cost effective results for our clients.  We offer our clients the ability to determine the collectability of the file before filing a law suit.  This allows our clients to save money on court costs.

Additionally, our firm works with each client to create and implement a strategy for collecting that is tailored to each client’s individual needs.  We feel that it is our duty to inform the client of every option they have and to then work with them to come up with the most cost effective approach to produce the results the client is looking for.  We believe this separates us from the majority of collection firms.  We do not push our clients towards filing suit or proceeding with collection matters when it would not be beneficial to the client.  Although we only receive payment if we pursue the matter and recover, we value honesty and integrity and inform clients of all risks before we proceed with our collection efforts.   We ensure that our clients have realistic expectations and understand the collection process.